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Mission Statement

The Austrian Cultural Council

  • is a consortium of the associations representing the interests of art, cultural and media workers
  • is a platform for shared cultural policy concerns and objectives
  • represents common interests to politics, media and administration
  • connects to European and global organizations and networks (e.g. European Council of Artists, UNESCO)

The Austrian Cultural Council

  • opens, promotes and publishes debates on cultural, educational, media and social policies
  • provides space for differentiated positions and content
  • promotes a diversity of opinions and emancipatory participation in art, culture and media as a cultural policy principle
  • takes an active part in the formation of cultural policy positions and strategy development

Demands of the Austrian Cultural Council

Politics and Reality

  • Increase of the budget for contemporary art to 0,5% of the national budget
  • Implementation of the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity and orientation of cultural policy actions to its contents
  • More transparency and reliability in art/cultural and media funding and its administration

Existence and Survival

  • No repayment demands from the Artists’ Social Security Fund
  • Immediate measures for art, cultural and media producers
  • Equal social rights for all, regardless of nationality
  • Secure livelihood must not be predicated on wage labor – unconditional basic income for all

Equal Rights for All!

  • Immediate annulment of the Settlement and Residence Law and the downgrading of the residence law status of artists and scholars – right of residence for everyone
  • Reformulation of the funding regulations to include anti-discrimination criteria
  • Proactive funding for marginalized or under-represented sections of society also from the budget for art, culture and media

Intellectual Property Rights, Commons and Copyright

  • Respect and safeguarding of intellectual property rights and adequate compensation for the use of the rights of authors, introduction of at copyright contract law
  • Immediate abolishment of the cessio legis that is contrary to EU guidelines and a reform of film copyright laws
  • Support for current artistic work with revenues from the use of works in the public domain (“Mozart penny”)
  • Assurance of free access to knowledge and information and guaranteed right to private copying

Media Culture

  • Fulfillment of the cultural and educational mandate in the radio, TV and online offers of the public service broadcasting institution ORF
  • Expansion of the financial support and infrastructure for a self-determined media culture
  • Public funding for information and communication technologies for non-commercial use for art, culture and education
  • Breakup of the media cartels and no further power for Komm-Austria (Austrian Communications Authority)

Demands are detailed on the websites of the member associations of the Austrian Cultural Council